Foods for Marmoset and Tamarin monkeys

Marmoset and Tamarin Diet

Never kiss your monkey on its mouth or give it food from your mouth. 

Herpes simplex virus are extremely dangerous to Marmoset and Tamarin monkeys.

My breakfast mix

(Mix all ingredients together and mix one tablespoon with lukewarm water per monkey)

x3 200 grams maize and/ rice purity gluten free cereal

1 cup SMA baby milk

One scoop USN pure protein Vanilla

One tablespoon junior calcium

One tablespoon Beefee powder

One tablespoon Protexin

If you cant find the food on the list- I would rather not give it to Marmoset / Tamarin monkeys. Use this as a guideline what you should and should not feed your monkeys.


Beetles, boiled crab sticks, brown bread with peanut butter, chicken (-liver, -drumstick, -wings, and chicken necks), chicken sausages, cooked egg white, cooked lean mince, corned bully beef, crickets, daddy long leg spiders, deboned filled hake, fish fingers, flat wall spiders, grasshoppers, lean steak, mealworms, mealworms pupas and beetles, moths, purity beef or chicken baby food, purity liver, scrambled egg, tuna in brine, white cheeses and yogurt.


A little fruit and vegetables + cereal as above

Make sure all fruits and vegetables are fresh.


Apple, apricots (moderation), banana (moderation), cherries, coconut (moderation), granadilla, grapes (not too much), guavas, kiwi, litchis, loquats, mango, mulberries, nectarines, paw-paw, peaches, pear, raisings (moderation), spanspec (cantaloupe), strawberries and watermelon.


Baby marrows, bean sprouts, broccoli, butternut (raw / cooked), cauliflower, cooked carrot pieces, cucumber, gems, green beans, mealies, mushrooms (Not in gardens, raw or cooked), patti pans, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, sweet corn and sweet potato.

You can also give dried fruits and vegetables.


Not too often.

Every second or third day.

Biscuit pieces, custard, french nougat, frosties, fruit loops, granola bar, gums, honey loops, jelly, jelly babies, jelly tots, licorice, marshmallows, melted ice-cream, nutty crunch, popcorn, puffed wheat (coloured), purity, strawberry cereal, super c and tree-gum (Gum Arabic).

70% commercial marmoset diet, 20% fresh fruits and vegetables, 5% insects and 5% high protein.

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