Monkey College:

Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled is a national nonprofit serving quadriplegic and other people with severe spinal cord injuries or mobility-impairments by providing highly trained monkeys to assist with daily activities.

We raise and train these monkeys to act as live-in companions who, over the course of 20-30 years, will provide the gifts of independence, companionship, dignity and hope to the people they help.

Kasey's capable hands:

For Ned Sullivan, a monkey helper supplies the dexterity and companionship to cope with disability. Video by Scott LaPierre

Helping Hands: Matching Capuchins with those in need: 

After leaving a psychology class during her first semester at Boston University, Jennifer Dowdy stumbled across an ad for a work-study internship with the nonprofit organization Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled. I was never cut out for a desk job, and I love animals, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity, says Dowdy (CAS06).

Seven years later, her instincts have proven right. As a placement trainer for Helping Hands, she trains capuchin monkeys to acquire practical and social skills through a program called Monkey College.

Scratching an itch. Retrieving a remote control. Turning the page of a favorite novel. For most, these tasks are routine. But for people with spinal cord injuries they can be impossible. Helping Hands monkeys master these tasks and help their recipients gain a sense of independence.

World meet NINITA: New baby pygmy Marmoset! 

Richard and Rich Kern of Odyssey Earth recently visited the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation and are in the process of creating a film about our hand-reared pygmy marmoset, Ninita, and the plight of primates everywhere.

My pet Marmoset monkey: 

My Marmoset monkeys, Lembit and Kayla enjoy their morning.

Pet squirrel monkey drying herself: 

My pet squirrel monkey Kenya was outside and got wet as it was raining. She ran inside the house and started drying herself. This form of drying is typical of squirrel monkeys. She lives with me and 2 other squirrel monkeys. I have other videos of them in their large outdoor enclosure.

Pet Monkey care: Do monkeys make good pets?

This is a video of how to take care of a monkey. If you have any questions, please ask me. And Yes, Monkeys make excellent pets.

Baby monkey nala gets a bath:

Nala is NOT a pet, she is with other monkeys in a sanctuary and has been for a very long time. She was NOT given away because she got too old and difficult. Nala was NEVER any trouble! She should be with other monkeys because it's the right thing. I do not condone owning a monkey as a pet. Do NOT ask me how to get one, I CAN"T help you! Help out at your local animal shelters, be a foster to these babies that need your help! Nala is a Black Cap Capuchin. 

Pet Monkey:

This is a short clip from a DVD that I made to show people what it is like to live with a monkey. This video is meant for Entertainment only. I am not advocating Monkey ownership but if you would like to purchase this DVD please visit

Capuchin Monkey Room tour:

Take a look at where MonkeyBoo does most of his playing!

Pet Monkeys? Pete Moss and MonkeyBoo:

How do you feel about pet monkeys and MonkeyBoo in general?
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Monkeys take over pet smart! 

Monkeys steal the spotlight at Pet Smart!
BootheMonkey pays a visit to Pet Smart and meets up with new monkey pal MonkeyRyland

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