Frequently Asked Questions
+ How do I track down a vet in my area that can care for my monkey?

+ How often do I need to clean my monkey's cage?

+ Are they tamed?

+ At what age do you sell them?

+ Can I let my monkey run free in my home?

+ Can I use a parrot cage for the monkey?

+ Can they be dressed and diapered?

+ Can you bath or shower them?

+ Do I need a permit to own a monkey?

+ Do you offer any classes on the care of these babies?

+ How are they with other pets?

+ How big should their cage be?

+ How long does a marmoset live?

+ How long should I keep the food bowl in the cage?

+ Is there any way that you could ship the monkey?

+ What are the smallest kind you have?

+ What is the difference between the female and male?

+ What is their general personality?

+ Will my monkey bond to only one person?

+ Will my monkey have to be bottle fed when I get him; if so, until what age?

+ What is the cost of a Marmoset monkey?

+ How do I go about paying for my monkey(s)?

+ Are deposits refundable?

+ How big do a Marmoset monkey get?

+ Can I feed my Marmoset monkeys (3) earthworms (erdwurms) that we breed ourselves?

+ Will my monkey have to be bottle fed when I get him; if so, until what age?

+ How smart are Marmoset monkeys exacly? Are they smarter than the common dog or cat?

+ Will you take in unwanted monkeys?

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